The Intelligent Mail Toolkit

The best solution in the industry to arm you with the information and tools needed to help solve and prevent Seamless Acceptance issues.


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Presenting the the Intelligent Mail Toolkit -
The best solutions available that can help solve current and prevent future Seamless Assessment issues, and to research errors that could result in a Postage Assessment.

The Intelligent Mail Toolkit is designed to help organize the efforts of the Mail Service Provider by:

  1. Enabling a quick response, with a reference guide to investigate potential assessments.
  2. Providing a central location to manage and organize assessable mailing issue investigations.
  3. Including a complete, searchable Known Undocumented Mail Log (KUL)

Benefits and Features for the Intelligent Mail Toolkit

  • Auto-populates your registered USPS CRID
  • Provides a place to log your monthly USPS assessment email notification and associated data
  • Provides an intuitive way to track back to potential causes and solutions to prevent errors from reoccurring
  • Provides a place for KUL (Known Undocumented Log) entry and management, searchable
  • Download Known Undocumented Log information to a standard spreadsheet format
  • New features being added weekly
  • Roadmap includes more data integration and more automation opportunities
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What is an Undocumented Mail Piece?

An Undocumented Error is logged when a barcode gathered during sampling (with FS-IMD scanners) or MPE scan could not be linked to any eDoc submitted within the last 45 days. The MID, STID, and Serial Number contained in the IMb are compared to the eDoc to determine if a piece is undocumented. If no match is found, the system continues to attempt to reassociate both sampling scans and MPE scans for 3 days after the scan was received. Undocumented pieces are reported on the Mailer Scorecard after this 3-day re-association has expired.

There are many reasons that might cause the USPS to determine that a piece of mail is undocumented, including:

  • Mismatched IMb sequence numbers – the IMb on the mailpieces do not match the IMbs in the eDoc data – the cause is usually a presort that was reprocessed
  • No matching eDocs for reprints that occur as a result of spoilage replacements.
  • Using Postage Statement Wizard for uniquely barcoded pieces, without entering ranges.
  • Postage payment failures, such as a PostalOne! Mail.dat upload failure.
  • Late scans — scans that arrive 14 days after the mail date — these errors can be challenged successfully.
  • Unauthorized use of your CRID or MID in eDocs.

Our Undocumented Mail Piece Incident Management Toolkit helps track, investigate, document, and prevent these problems from happening again. We provide guidance and tips to keep track of your USPS assessments, including how to take corrective action.

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